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Best Barbecue Restaurant in Chennai

Are you a barbecue lover? Do you need barbecued meals for your event? Scooter Bbq is a barbecue restaurant specialised in barbecue-style dishes and cuisines. We are here to serve you delicious and creative barbecue dishes the whole family will love. We are located in Chennai and offer a variety of choices for what would surely be one of the best-tasting barbecues ever. You can reach us on 9176804809, so come get a taste today!

Our Dishes and Cuisine

We offer a variety of barbecue dishes and cuisines that you will find irresistible to refuse. We provide both slow-smoked and barbecue sauces over grill dishes that will make your mouth water. Our chefs are highly specialised, offering detailed preparation of these barbecues such as briskets, barbecue sandwiches, beefsteak, barbecue chicken and many more. We want to give you the best experience while dining with us, with a heavy emphasis on your table’s enjoyment.


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